I love to run. On November 6, 2016, I completed the New York City Marathon. I have also run 7 half-marathons, including the Austin Half Marathon 2 times, Moe’s Better Half in San Marcos 2 times, the 3M Half Marathon 2 times, and the Decker Half Marathon. I also currently play soccer for Austin Athletic Club in the Austin Men’s Soccer Association.

I have been training with Rogue Running for over 2 years, and have helped out as an assistant coach for a season. They assist runners of all abilities to achieve their running goals, whether it be 5k’s or ultra-marathons, and everything in between. I have also been working with a running-based traveling company based out of Austin called Rogue Expeditions. Along with assisting them on their social media (primarily on Twitter), this past summer I was lucky enough to join them on a running adventure to Lake Tahoe.

I love seeing live music, traveling, watching sports, and writing about all of the above. You can check out some of my writing samples on my Writing Samples page. I listen to the Bill Simmons podcast almost religiously, and love reading articles from his website at The Ringer. His old (now defunct) website at ESPN, called Grantland, played a part in my deciding to continue my education in the field of Mass Communications and focus on Digital Media. Even if it may just be a hobby long-term, I hope to always want to write about my passions, and maybe even someday work up the courage to start my own podcast. I was lucky enough to get to visit my dad in South America over Spring Break of 2016, and hope to travel abroad a lot more frequently once I graduate from Texas State. You can read a recap of my trip to Ecuador here: South by South America.

I love meeting new people, and would love to hear from people who stumble upon my site. Feel free to reach out to me at and let me know what you think!