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On this page, you'll be able to view all things running, as seen, experienced, or told by me, Jordan Cooper. On November 6, 2016 I will run in the 40th running of the New York City Marathon. This past summer, I went on a running adventure with Rogue Expeditions to Lake Tahoe. I have been training at Rogue Running in Austin, Texas for over 2 years, and was an assistant coach for a training group for a season. I also ran cross country in high school, and have run almost every race in the greater Austin area, including the Austin Half Marathon, Cap 10k, Turkey Trot, Decker Half Marathon, 3M Half Marathon, and Moe's Better Half in San Marcos.

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Run Jordan Run

My love for running most likely began from running cross-country in high school, which I actually did not enjoy at the time. Although I also played tennis, my primary sport was soccer, and the soccer coach just happened to also be the cross-country coach. He "encouraged" his soccer players to run for him, which I did to ensure playing time once soccer season rolled around. After moving to Austin upon graduating college, I needed a way to justify all of the tacos (and Lone Star) I was consuming, which is how I became an avid runner.

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Rogue Expeditions

Along with joining them on a trip to Lake Tahoe in July, I am also a social media contributor for the running adventure planning company Rogue Expeditions. I currently manage their Twitter account. I wrote a recap of our Tahoe trip for their blog, which you can read below.

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Rogue Running

Along with training for Rogue for over two years for races in Austin and most recently for the NYC marathon, I was also an assistant coach for one of their programs for a training season. I have contributed to their blog detailing what I love about the running family they have cultivated there.

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NYC Marathon

This year marks the 40th running of the New York City Marathon, and my first time to run! Although I have trained for the Austin Marathon twice, I never made it to the starting line due to injuries. I am excited to make it to New York healthy, and looking forward to crossing the finish line. Follow me during the race in NYC on November 6th, #36042!

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Moe's Better Half Marathon

This March will be the last running of this iconic Central Texas road race. Moe's Better Half was my first half marathon way back in March 2011, and I plan on running it this year. I encourage you to join me!

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High Five Events

Although I do not have an official affiliation with High Five Events, aside from a close friend being a coordinator for them, they now put on the Austin Marathon, 3M Half Marathon, and other racing events in and around Austin. Check them out for more information on upcoming races and ways you can volunteer!

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